Taking Care of Women’s Dresses

Good quality dresses, especially those which come with popular brand names are quite pricey. The last thing any owner wants to do is to see them discolored or torn. You have invested so much money in them and it is only proper that you take proper care of your investments so that they will last you a long time.

Women know how to shop, however not all women know how to take good care of their clothes. Proper care has the power to lengthen the life of your clothes and seeing the need for education when it comes to proper clothing care, here are some tips from experts.

Fabric care

Natural fibers are preferred by many because they allow the skin to breathe but if you are going to invest good money in clothes made from natural fibers like silk, wool and cotton, you should know that they do not really last a long time. They are not as resistant to abrasion as synthetic fabrics. When you purchase dresses or other types of women’s clothing, you should at least know what you are in for.

Making smart decisions

When we say making smart decisions with what you are about to wear, the operational word is rotate. You should have 3 groups of clothing for both work and weekends. Each group should be rotated for 6 to 8 weeks at least. This will let your clothes rest and this can make the fabric and color last a lot longer. Most people who live in big cities are known to be chronic over washers. Keep in mind that laundering shortens the lifespan of your clothes.

Dry smart

Some people would rather use the dryer than let their clothes dry naturally. If you ask them some will tell you that they just do not have the time to do so or the space to do. Well, regardless if you have the time or not, the most important thing is that you follow the label care instructions. This may sound ridiculously obvious to some people but there are many of us who hardly read the label. Some clothes are supposed to be dry-cleaned only and others are only supposed to be washed by hand. Before you put any women’s clothing in the washing machine, read the instructions first.


After you have read through the instructions, group like with like. This will not only make the process of washing a lot easier, it will also help you protect your clothes.

Do not overwash

Overwashing will shorten the life of your clothes. But you should also know that dirt does the same thing too. Dirt can break down fibers so you also have to balance ample washing with having clean clothes.

Dry clothes the right way

Avoid machine washing whenever you can. The tumbling motion which you see in dryers can degrade the fibers in your clothes and it may even pull and damage the fabric. As much as possible, hang the clothes on the line and allow them to dry naturally.