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Choosing the Perfect Women’s Dresses for your Body Type

You will see women’s dresses and clothing in designer stores, as well as department stores. The women’s clothing industry is one of the biggest in the world. It is a business which earns millions per year and it shows no signs of slowing down as manifested by all the stores and brands popping up everywhere.

Endora dressesWith the wide variety of options available, it should not be difficult for women to find something to wear and something which will fit their body. However, this does not mean that women like you should just buy whatever you see or get your hands on without making sure that it fits your body. Women come in different body shapes. Some have full figures, others are a little on the waifish side. It is important to know what dresses fit you and what does not.

Here are some guidelines in choosing the best dresses for your body type.

Thick waist

If you are a woman who is thick in the middle, you need to elongate your appearance of your torso and take attention away from your waist. An empire drop waist will help redefine your waist. Some of the things which you avoid are thick belts places around your midsection.

Small bust

Women with small busts often feel conscious about how they look. Fortunately, there are various tips and tricks which you can use to make your figure look a lot better and your busts look a lot bigger. Some of the things which you should avoid are plunging necklines. What you can do to project the idea of ample breasts are dresses with bandeau neck and something that will add a little dimension up top. Layered necklaces are also good options.

Heavy arms

If you have heavy arms the first thing you want to do is hide them. Avoid sleeveless dresses and dresses with cap sleeves. Select dresses with billowy bell sleeves.

Big bust

Women with small busts wish they had this. If you have ample boobs you should know just how to showcase them. Some of the best dresses for you are those with V necklines and halter tops. Be careful to select fabrics which will skim your body and avoid fabrics that will bind your body because they will only make your boobs look huge.

Too thin

Women who are too thin have terrific options. They can wear cardigans, sweaters, knitted dresses and thick belts. However, women with extremely thin legs should avoid wearing mini-skirts. It is better to wear longer and flowing dresses instead. Thick belts will add definition to your thin waist and bubble dresses will give you the appearance of a larger lower body.

Plus size

Plus size women now have more options. They are no longer confined to wearing ugly and unfashionable dresses. Lots of leading brands of women’s clothing now come in plus sizes.  Wrap dresses are fabulous for full-figured women however, you should be careful to choose only fabrics that drape your body and not cling to it.